Franklin Russell


Born: 1/23/56 Kansas City Kansas. "My musical training started at an early age with piano lessons from my mother who was a music teacher. I took up trumpet with the school music program in Arbor Heights Jr. High school in Omaha Nebraska. I started playing keyboards at 15 with a local rock band. I began writing and recording original music. I studied trumpet at the University of Nebraska with Denny Schieder 16-17 years. I also studied trumpet with Ricky Anderson. I had classical piano lessons during that period. At West Side High School I played in the concert band and jazz band as well as the marching band. In high school I studied with Tommy Newsom and Doc Severenson at two seminars.
I played keyboards and trumpet in a Omaha jazz - rock band in high school.

After graduation from Westside High I moved to Kansas City to play in the jazz fusion band Hot Foot and Justus. In Kansas City I completed a two year course of study in jazz theory at the John Elliot School of music. I went to the University of Missouri at Kansas City and took general courses of study with a major in communications. I also studied photography at the Kansas City Art Institute.

After remodeling our home in Kansas City I moved to Hawaii in 1981. I started playing music on Maui in 1982 in the band Mover and Steve Grimes. I worked as a mechanic and carpenter. I played with Willy Nelson with Middle John in the Band the Boosters in 1987. I began to sell and install solar electric systems in 1988. In 1988 I worked with the Good Strokes Blues Band with Bobby Ingram and Tommy Hall.

In 1990 I began playing with and producing photography and music recordings for Marty Dread and Culture Shock. I played with Steven Stills and Berry Flanigan in 1992. I worked with Jimmy Mac in Mac's Maniacs and the Cool Kats. I worked with Tim O'hara and Espresso as well as the Country Knights band. In 2001 I began working with Crazy Fingers. I also sell and install Uni-Solar photovoltaic roofing products."

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